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VCG offers successful past performance in the design, implementation, sustainment, and monitoring of comprehensive security management platforms for the following facilities:

  • Corporate Campus
  • Educational Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Retail Establishments
  • Multifamily Housing/Public Housing
  • Parking Garages
  • Federal/State Government Properties  
  • Data Center & Technology
  • Public Safety and Corrections
  • Design-Build Construction
  • Stadiums and Event Venues  
  • Homeland Security/Critical Infrastructure

VCG provides a series of customizable solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements for each client’s facility.  Security initiatives for Homeland Defense and the regulated industries are designed and deployed in accordance with the applicable standards and code for each site.  VCG’s professionals utilize non-proprietary/open systems to deliver evidence-grade video surveillance and advanced storage solutions.
VCG’s use of the world’s leading technology is supported by our advanced Monitoring Center.  The VCG Center employs a dedicated team of crisis aversion and customer service specialists and operates on a 24/7 basis. The monitoring center is designed to manage a high volume of inbound and outbound connections and uses the latest communication technologies to ensure video and audio is received at the maximum transfer speed.  The center is staffed by highly skilled, experienced professionals; each receiving extensive training in intervention, crisis management and customer service support.  These professionals are focused on the security of your staff, your customers, and your property.  

Through the application of advanced technology and a highly trained staff, VCG delivers the following services:

Remote Video Tours

VCG’s Remote Tour service supports organizations by notifying loiterers, unwanted people and potential criminals that all activity is being monitored and recorded. The subjective and periodic nature of these tours helps prevent and deter criminal activity.

Remote Video Escorts

Escorts act as an extra set of eyes and ears for people moving locations. This service is for both indoor safety - chaperoning people to and from high security areas - and/or for outdoor security to remotely escort people to their cars or through parking structures.  This service gives an added level of security and peace-of-mind.

Remote Operational Verification

With VCG’s Operational Verification service, all systems are checked daily to verify camera connectivity, video playback, and live video.

Remote Access Control Administration

The ability to control and receive reports on who is entering and exiting private or sensitive areas is critical for select clients. VCG’s Access Control systems restrict entry to areas of a building based on user identification and passwords. This service helps organizations manage and administer who has access to certain sensitive areas and provides an unprecedented level of security.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

VCG’s Burglar Alarm service provides businesses with quality equipment, alert personnel, and 24-hour reliability through UL Central Station monitoring.  VCG works closely with management to assess specific security needs by location and/or region.  From these assessments, VCG designs and builds systems and monitoring programs that secure our client’s environments and protect their people and assets.

System Life Cycle Management

Today’s technology and fully integrated systems require ongoing maintenance and attention in order to operate effectively. The design and installation are only the beginning of the “lifecycle” for any system. VCG works with the client to schedule preventive maintenance to prolong the life cycle of the equipment. With a partner in place to provide monitoring and maintenance services, the concern of system reliability and life cycle has been eliminated.

The virtual preventive maintenance plan will allow you to view your systems readiness inspections and view the results virtually over VCG’s secure customer portal. 

Intelligent Recognition and Response

VCG understands the importance of delivering a broad scale of secure monitoring center services. Our Monitoring Center maintains and supports advanced monitoring systems engineered to deliver the dependability you require while providing the reliability necessary to serve its vital functions 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. This is further enforced by virtualizing the monitoring process. In the event of a catastrophic problem the virtual monitoring system can be moved to another monitoring location to maintain the integrity of the project.

Systems Management Portal (SMP)

Systems Management Portal (SMP) working in conjunction with Virtualized Monitoring System (VMS) is a comprehensive online management tool. This tool allows the customer the ability to “look into” their system for current status on monitoring, service, and preventive maintenance via the internet. These systems give the customer complete control over their systems and processes.

Key Customer Advantages

  • Manage your contact list with real-time control
  • View, print or email open and close activity reports
  • View and change open and close schedules
  • Request service calls and view service history
  • Access real-time information to see who’s in your facility
  • Eliminate the need for traditional keys and the expense of re-keying
  • Permit or restrict access, set time schedules and manage users easily

For a security evaluation of your property and to see how interactive surveillance services can help protect your business, contact VCG today at 1-(866)-303-9655.

1001 G Street NW | Suite 800 | Washington DC 20001 | 202-787-1823
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